Recognizing that it is a great privilege to have been granted permission to be a self-insurer under the Workers’ Compensation Laws of the State of Ohio; and recognizing that there are certain legal and ethical obligations attached to this privilege;

We pledge to abide by the following principles and practices:

  1. Being of sufficient size and financial ability to do so, we pledge to establish and maintain a workers’ compensation department and program, which will administer the Workers’ Compensation Laws fairly and impartially to all employees.
  2. We pledge to self-administer our Workers’ Compensation program; promptly investigating all workers’ compensation matters with a view toward prompt reporting and prompt payment in all meritorious cases; to have a concern about the welfare of the insured employee and his family, to the end that the terms and spirit of the workers’ compensation laws are met.
  3. We encourage an accident prevention program designed to minimize, reduce and, wherever possible, eliminate accidents so as to provide our employees with a safe and healthful work environment; and to encourage safe working habits among our employees.
  4. We pledge to provide or make available to all injured employees a rehabilitation program designed to restore the injured employee to wage earning status with a minimum of residual disability.
  5. We pledge to maintain our capability to administer the self-insurance program we have established and to keep abreast of all changes in the law, whether by legislative change or court interpretation.

With the help and assistance of other self-insurers throughout our association in the Ohio Self-Insurers Association, we pledge to analyze the true meaning of self-insurance to fulfill all of our obligations to our fellow members and the laws of the State.