The Robert M. Hisnay Award established by the OSIA in 1980 to recognize Ohio workers’ compensation programs that have distinguished themselves through demonstrated expertise in the field of workers’ compensation and in implementing and maintaining self-insurance programs that:  

  • adhere to the highest principles and ethics in self-insurance;
  • exhibit a consistent commitment to fair dealing;
  • efficiently and effectively serve the interest of all parties.

Robert Hisnay was a founding member of the Ohio Self-Insurers Association and served on the Board of Managers until his untimely death in 1979. Mr. Hisnay was employed by Ford Motor company for over two decades as the coordinator of its Ohio Workers’ Compensation program and was recognized through the state as an expert in this field. During his term as a Board Member and President, he continually demonstrated his expertise and leadership for establishing a sound self-insurance system in the interest of all parties.

Past Recipients

2015 | Debbie Lantman
2014 | Loyd Hudson, American Electric Power

2014 | Peggy Downard, Cooper Tire & Rubber Co.
2014 | Catherine Duhigg Gannon, Eaton Corporation
2011 | Mindy Chenoweth, Luxottica Group
2008 | Valerie Ogg, Bob Evans Farms, Inc.
2005 | Hunter Smith Eichhorn, Pepsi Co.
2004 | Barb Wagner, Nelson Tree Service
2000 | William A. Duda, Columbia Gas of Ohio, Inc.
1999 | Betty A. Westbrook, ICI Paints
1998 | R. J. (Bob) Kenney, Columbia Gas Transmission
1997 | William Gahr, LTV Steel
1994 | Ruby Rinesmith, BWC, Director Self-Insurance Section
1992 | Ken Gipson, Weyerhaeuser Company
1990 | Raymond M. LeBlanc, BP America
1989 | Raymond J. Malone, Sherwin-Williams Co.

1988 | Timothy M. Stapleton, Libbey-Owens-Ford Co.
1987 | L. Andy Casto, Associated Risk Services

1987 | Robert E. Finnessy, Ford Motor Company
1986 | Robin R. Obetz, Executive Secretary, OSIA
1986 | Richard D. Schafstall, Cincinnati Gas & Electric Co.
1986 | Patrick A. O’Neill, General Motors Corp.
1985 | Gary Auman, Smith & Schnacke
1985 | Russell O’Rourke, Cleveland Builders Supply
1985 | Gerald R. Thomas, Columbus & Southern Ohio Electric Co.
1985 | Inez Weibel, Cleveland Twist Drill Co.
1984 | Leslie R. Cooper, MeAd Container Corp.
1984 | Ralph Adams, General Motors Corp.
1983 | Edward P. Holden, Anchor Hocking Corp.
1982 | Robert B. Rady, Republic Steel Corp.

1981 | Douglas Gallagher, Champion International Paper Inc.
1980 | Hisnay Family


Mr. Patrick A. O’Neill was employed with the General Motors Corporation for thirty-seven years and at the time of his death was the Ohio Director of General Motors Corp. Workers Compensation and Unemployment Activities.

Mr. O’Neill was a founding member of the Ohio Self-Insurers Association and served as a member of the Board of Managers from August, 1974 until his death on March 9, 1987. Mr. O’Neill was respected throughout the state as a professional in the field of workers compensation. In acknowledgement of Mr. O’Neill’s contribution, the Board of Managers of the Ohio Self-Insurers Association has established the Patrick A. O’Neill Friendship Award to honor those individuals who have demonstrated that they have been supporters and true friends of self-insurers.

Anyone involved in Ohio Workers Compensation self-insurance can be nominated for this award. The person need not be a member of the Ohio Self-Insurers Association. The candidate may be nominated by anyone familiar with his or her duties and responsibilities.

Past Recipients  

2014 | Barbara Marshall  
2010 | William Holt, Chrysler
2009 | Patrick J. Gannon, Industrial Commission of Ohio
2009 | David E. Boyd, Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation
1999 | Barbara A. Knapic, Industrial Commission of Ohio
1999 | JoAnn Davidson, Speaker, Ohio House of Representatives
1998 | James “Woody” Woodward, Ohio Mfg. Assoc.
1997 | Robert A. Minor, Vorys, Sater, Seymour & Pease
1997 | Preston Garvin, Garvin & Hickey
1997 | Karen Gillmor, Senator, State of Ohio
1997 | William E. Thompson. Ohio State Representative
1997 | George V. Voinovich, Governor, State of Ohio
1997 | Jim Sharpe, Rockwell International
1996 | Lawrence Kissel, Cinergy Corp.
1995 | Robert E. Levitt, Industrial Commission of Ohio
1994 | James Petro, Cuyahogo County Commissioner
1993 | Russell P. Herrold, Vorys, Sater, Seymour & Pease
1993 | Justice Robert E. Holmes, (Retired), Ohio Supreme Court
1993 | Senator Robert R. Cupp, Ohio Senate
1991 | J. B. Gividen, (Retired) Armco Steel
1991 | Andrew E. Doehrel, Ohio Chamber of Commerce
1990 | Robert L. McAllister, Industrial Commission of Ohio
1990 | Hager Fugate, Industrial Commission of Ohio
1989 | Richard C. Heydinger, Hallmark Cards
1988 | Frank J. Sampson, (Retired) General Motors
1987 | O’Neill Family

1987 | Vernal G. Riffe, Speaker, Ohio House of Representatives
1987 | James T. Parker, Ohio Council Retail Merchants
1987 | Richard H. Finan, State Senator
1987 | Paul E. Gillmore, President of The Ohio Senate


Past Recipients

2008 | Robin Obetz, Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease